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As your BMW or Mercedes ages, you should expect it to need repair and replacement of worn or damaged components and systems. Star Auto has specialized in the service and repair of European automobiles for more than 10 years, and our technicians have more than 100 years of combined experience. With our state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment, tools, and quality replacement parts, we will quickly diagnose and correct the problem with your car. Below is a list of the many types of repair that we perform at Star Auto. And if something comes up that is not on the list, chances are we can handle it.

  • Air Conditioning and Heating System
  • Brake System
    • Rotor Repair/Replacement
    • Brake Pad Replacement
  • Cooling System
    • Thermostat Replacement
    • Radiator Repair/Replacement
    • Water Pump Replacement
    • Fan Replacement
    • Hoses Replacement
  • Electrical System Repair
    • Indicators, Turn Signals, Lamps Repair/Replacement
    • Alternator Repair/Replacement
    • Battery Replace
    • Charger Repair/Replacement
  • Emission System
    • Catalytic Converter Repair/Replacement
    • Exhaust Manifold Repair/Replacement
  • Engine System
    • Compression Testing
    • Control Unit Replacement/Programming
    • Engine Overhaul
    • Engine Swap
    • Ignition Timing Adjustment
    • Intake Manifold Reseal
    • Oil Leak Fix
    • Timing Belt/Chain Replacement
    • Vacuum Advance Replacement
  • Fuel System
    • Carburetors Repair/Replacement
    • Fuel Injection Service
    • Fuel/Air Mixture Adjustment
  • Suspension & Power Steering
    • Bearings Repack/Replacement
    • Coil Spring Replacement
    • Corner Balancing
    • CV Joint Repack/Replacement
    • Shock Replacements
    • Suspension Repair
  • Transmission & Drivetrain
    • Clutch Replacement
    • Drive Shaft Replacement
    • Flex Discs Replacement
    • Flywheel Resurface
    • Transmission Swaps
  • Wheel & Tire
    • Tire Repair/Replacement
    • Wheel Repair/Replacement



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