Cooling System Service

Your car cooling system is essential to its normal functioning. Neglect can lead to engine overheating during hot weather, and coolant freezing, which can crack the engine block, during cold weather. Unfortunately, this system is among the most likely to malfunction in modern cars. Our cooling system service includes:

  • Testing cooling system performance
  • Inspecting entire cooling system for leaks
  • Checking condition of belts, hoses, radiator, water pump
  • Checking level and condition of coolant

Coolant Flush

A coolant flush is recommended every 2 years, because the performance of coolant will degrade with time. The range of temperatures over which it will protect the engine will decrease. So it might freeze during the winter and overheat during the summer. Coolant can also breakdown causing acidity to increase. The acid will attacks different metal parts in the engine, most commonly causing radiator, heater core or head gasket leaks. In addition, sludge can form in coolant due to high silicate drop-out, which can clog your car cooling system and drastically decreases its efficiency. This procedure consists of the following:

  • Checking belts, hoses, water pump, and radiators to insure proper functioning.
  • Draining and flushing the cooling system completely, including engine block, radiator, heater core, and passages in between to remove debris.
  • Refilling with a new 50/50 mix of a coolant and distilled water.
  • Checking cooling system for leak.





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