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Eight Reasons to Have Your BMW Serviced at Star Auto

1. Factory Diagnostic Tools and Equipment

We have factory diagnostic and programming tools and equipment for BMW.

2. High Quality Parts

We believe in using high quality parts, such as Michelin tires and Bosch parts. We are a Bosch Authorized Service Center, so we receive quality parts, diagnostic and service equipment with training for BMW directly from Bosch, the largest original equipment parts manufacturer in the world. Because of increased international trade, low-cost auto parts have flooded the market. Their box may say “Made in Germany” — which means the box was made in Germany — but the parts inside were made in such places as China, Taiwan, Mexico, and Korea. These parts sell at a lower price, and they are of lower quality and have a high failure rate. Paul Heynneman hand-selects quality parts with known longevity for use at Heynneman European.

3. Service Warranty

We have faith in what we do. Our warranty is two years or 24,000 miles for any repair we perform.

4. One-stop Shopping

We offer one-stop shopping: tires, brakes, suspension, alignment, windshield and glass, upholstery, paint and body work, exhaust, smog, electrical, diagnosis and restoration.

5. No Surprises

When you bring your car in, we give it a complete physical exam before we begin the work. We want to get a full picture of what’s coming up for your car. We inform you, the customer, of any needed repairs as soon as possible, so there are no nasty surprises. We will bring customers into the shop, put the car on the lift, and show you what we repaired and why. We don’t talk down to you — we want you to understand.

6. Vast Experience with European Cars

When the work is finished Paul Heynneman or Gary Nugent road tests and inspects each car to make sure the work was done to our exacting standards. Paul and Gary each have about 35 years of experience working on European cars. All Heynneman employees attend frequent training sessions and keep on the cutting edge of the latest fixes and updates.

7. Green Business

We are a Green business. We recycle oil and oil filters, metal, plastic, cardboard and glass.

8. Free Loaners

We offer free loaner cars; and as a special bonus, all cars that come in for a scheduled service are returned clean.

Anybody can do the first 80 percent of a job. At Heynneman European we are able to complete the entire 100 percent, with our specialized knowledge and experience plus our meticulous dedication to detail.



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